CS:GO Aimbot & Hacks

Frequently Asked Questions

So you started the hack and you ran in some trouble, before using our support form you should probably check these out to see if your question hasn’t already been answered.

As always, happy hacking if you really need some help don’t hesitate to use the support ticket system.


Q: Do I need to jailbreak/mod my console to use this?
A: No.

Q: How much will the this cost after download limit is reached?
A: There will only be around four to five thousand free copies available, after that the hack will cost around $35-60.

Q: Do you have alot of bans?
A: Currently we have observed about a 2-4% ban rate from thousands of users so far.

Q: Why are you giving this out for free?
A: There will only be 4000 free copies available. This will allow us to get feedback from users. If you look at how popular CS:GO is don’t be surprised if you can’t download it anymore because of the limit.

Q: Will the hack be free for users who got a free copy?
A: Full support will be included for all users regardless if they have a free or a paid copy of our tool.

Q: Can I use this hack on multiple devices?
A: If you have gotten one of the free copies then you can only use it on maximum of two devices. If you received a paid copy you will have the ability to add unlimited amount of devices.

Q: Does the CS:GO Hack work with PS4/Xbox One?
A: Yes, it is currently fully compatible with the PS4 and Xbox One support is on the way.

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